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Best viral of the week

Volvo is really about viral these days co Jean Claude Van Damme

Google know how to story tell


The power of 3D printing: the most awarded agency in the world


Don’t judge a book by it’s cover – a great project


A strange rule in the NYC subway turned into fun

Best viral videos of the week

The story of the creation of the word : Phubbing

Cats are really viral


Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

The Samsung Galaxy Gear

A video clip with 4000 Portraits

When Coca Cola create a park

Best viral videos of the week

Rouge Ecstasy by Armani


The 2 videos on quiting/hiring with dancing



Heineken Pioneer Bar

I forgot to share this one Go Pro/Fireman/kitten

Mercedes body control

The best Vine of september

Why nobody is saying this operation from Alexander Wang is awful?

This might sound like a joke, but it isn’t.

This video, released this summer, looks like it could have been commissioned for a sociological study on behaviour in the consumerist world.  But it’s actually a communications campaign carried out by the luxury brand Alexander Wang.

Although this brand isn’t very well-known in Europe, it’s very popular in the United States.

In fact, according to Kanye West in his song “New Slaves”, “Used to only be niggas now everybody playing / Spending everything on Alexander Wang”

In a nutshell, the brand decided to invite its regular customers in the New York area to a free-for-all in a clothes-filled warehouse, and film everyone’s reactions.…

Best viral videos of the week

A very smart print ad for Brasil

A like Machine for Pepsi – Buying fan a new way

We didn’t start the viral – great compilation

The very first interacial family in an ad

A violent advertising against driving and drinking

Best viral videos of the week

The coca Cola sharing can


So clever operation from Scrabble


Coca Cola bringing India & Pakistan together


Craziest ad for sushi live from Japan:


Us your eyes to win a Samsung S4


Such a clever idea to prevent people driving drunk


Another very cool idea for preventing people to drink and drive

The Best Digital Campaigns of 2012

This was a great year for innovative and groundbreaking campaigns,  we’ve seen more and more 360° campaigns (like from American Express) which are not purely online or offline but really use the whole range of communication tools. This year, we’ve also seen brands such like Nike focusing on their brand’s promise instead of just their products, delivering an amazing product like the fuelband.

This presentation is also an invitation to take a quick trip around the world, as there are campaigns from Thailand, Russia, Brazil, Sweden, Belgium, France, Australia, UK, Germany, Canada and the U.S.…