What you should know about internet in Russia : facts & figures

Amongst the BRIC countries, Russia is geographically the closest to us.  Yet we know very little about it, and the habits of its consumers are very different from ours.

It’s important to note that the big social network in Russia isn’t Facebook, but V-Kontakte, where you can download movies, music via streaming, porn… This network basically offers just about anything and isn’t regulated like Facebook is.

This presentation will give you all the figures you need to get a sense of this market :

  • The largest population of internet users in Europe with over 58 million active users.

What cellphone strategy should you adopt in 2013?

As the months go by, people seem to be thinking more and more about cellphones.

I have already written on the subject in my blog.  Brands (and quite often, agencies as well) don’t know which end is up.

There is no denying that the cellphone may totally upset many business models because it can replace the camera, the GPS, the remote control, the wallet, the cash register and so many other things…

In this context, Forrester published 2 interesting articles (Mobile Trends for 2013 and The European Tablet Landscape) that establish some directions.…

7 social media lies the gurus want you to swallow

Every time a new marketing “technique” appears, it’s seems like the next revolution. Everything is suddenly going to be easier, faster and cheaper, right? Social media is unfortunately no exception to the rule and there will always be people (often those who claim to be experts or “gurus”) to sell you the newest bells and whistles.

It seems important to me to describe some of the lies that you may confront.

1. The social web is free 

Starting around 2006, viral marketing was announced as the end-all be-all to getting a low cost audience.…