A guide to innovating in a digital world

Innovating in a digital world is the subject I’ve covered at the EMEA Adobe Summit last month and I wanted to share it with you today.

Innovation is a broad subject and many people are talking about it.

Most of all, innovation is not about technology but about personal qualities that you have to develop in order to be more creative.

I tried to cover this in a very short speech with some slides that I’m sharing today with you.

Each time there is a (hopefully) relevant example that helps to understand what I really mean.…

Payment, Reach, Experience: the Rocketing Journey through Mobile Business in China

We all know that China is VERY important in our business life, however and for a reason that I hardly understand, we tend to focus only on what is happening in the U.S. or in Europe and are considering China as very far.
This is a huge mistake especially when it comes to digital and moreover to mobile as the future worldwide champions will be (already are) asian for sure.
Laure de Carayon who is a wellknown specialist of China and who is organizing an amazing conference on China every year is kindly sharing with us what she has learned from the GMIC 2014 (China Connect was a supporting partner of GMIC 2014).…

10 interesting figures on the Internet in Russia

When we think about Digital, Russia is not the first country to pop into our mind.
Honestly it is also due to the fact that we don’t read so many studies and have proper statistics to better understand how the market is evolving.
However Russia has a lot of potential as the Internet penetration rate is still very low compare to the U.S. (51% Vs 89%) but growing very fast.

So here are some interesting figures on the state of the Internet in Russia so you can catch up: 

  • 51% Internet penetration
  • 55% Mobile penetration
  • 63,5 millions internet users in Russia (+13,5% YTD)
  • 16,4 millions smarphone and 8,2 millions tablet were sold in 2013
  • 9 min 23 use per day (-2,95 YTD)
  • Mobile are used in 21,7% of the internet connection (to be compared to France (4,6%) or Turkey (2.3%).)
  • VKontakte is still the biggest Social Network with 49 millions user when Facebook only have 14 millions users and Twitter 5 millions
  • By 2015, 45% of Russian population should be active, at least, on one social network
  • 44% of mobile internet users are living in small cities
  • Ecommerce represent $16,5 billions in 2013 and is rising fast (+27% YTD 2012)

Find out more in that presentation 

The fundamental mistake with Customer Relationship Management

I had a very interesting discussion of the value of the customer relationship, during a recent conference that I gave on the topic.

I have already mentioned here that in French business culture, the customer is seen as a necessary evil, in particular in the B2C space.

Therefore, what we refer to as “the customer relationship” usually revolves around a strategy designed to avoid human contact.  The Interactive Voice Response or IVR is the most glaring example of this.

The truth is that we never really try to satisfy our customers. …

The SXSW 14’s killer app

I just came back from my very first SXSW and although this was amazing in many ways it was also very frustrating.

SXSW really resembles Twitter in the sense that during 5 days so many conferences take place at the same time and of course you want to meet people but there are also exhibitions… Well, in the end, you have to accept that you’re going to miss most of it.

I attended many great speeches and they were all very interesting whether is was about UX, Porn, Content, Heathcare and so many other topics…

However what struck me the most while I dove into an ocean of over connected people was that nothing would ever replace a real human connection.…

5 cases of very creative use of social media

Today, I have the pleasure of welcoming Florence Martinn on my blog.  Florence gave me an article that I thought would be meaningful to you and I have gladly accepted to share it.

I’ll hand it over to her :

Creativity – the secret in today’s internet world if you want your brand to find its place.

Some companies do this very well, others less.  The key is finding the platforms that are the right fit for a given business and which allow it to represent its identity properly.…

Why women buy handbags and men buy big cars

Smack in the middle of Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth”, a book on the fundamental difference between the ego and the rational mind,  you’ll find a paragraph that speaks of marketing.  I thought it might be interesting to share it with you.

Even you are perfectly aware of what we do as a profession, I find these sentences to be of particular interest, given that we still can lose ourselves from time to time, both as marketers and as consumers.

The advertising specialists of the world know perfectly well that if they hope to sell things that people don’t really need, they must convince them that these items will add something to the way they see themselves or how others perceive them.

gregory pouy

By the way, what is digital?

That’s a tough one….and you would never imagine how many professionals have asked this question.  Because at the end of the day, they feel lost.

I started by writing a blog post but after 4 full pages, I realized it was too much content and I should rather create a new presentation.

It took me over 2 months to write, rewrite it because, as you know, simple is very complicated to create.

I had the chance to work with a very talented person for the drawing and you can check out her work here.…

Why nobody is saying this operation from Alexander Wang is awful?

This might sound like a joke, but it isn’t.

This video, released this summer, looks like it could have been commissioned for a sociological study on behaviour in the consumerist world.  But it’s actually a communications campaign carried out by the luxury brand Alexander Wang.

Although this brand isn’t very well-known in Europe, it’s very popular in the United States.

In fact, according to Kanye West in his song “New Slaves”, “Used to only be niggas now everybody playing / Spending everything on Alexander Wang”

In a nutshell, the brand decided to invite its regular customers in the New York area to a free-for-all in a clothes-filled warehouse, and film everyone’s reactions.…

The only trend to watch out for in 2013

There are a thousand possible trends that fit this bill: big data, mobile apps, connected objects, social CRM, social media, 3D printing, Facebook Home…

I am writing this post because I was asked this very question in a recent interview and I thought I’d expand on my reply.

And my answer is: change your point of view.

Today’s technology goes a long way on many levels, but only if it is used properly.

Big data & CRM

Today’s machines are capable of analyzing on their own who they are dealing with (age, weight, sex, corpulence).   …