Is Facebook a new form of slavery for brands?

I’m an early riser , and since I was the first to awake when visiting my family, I decided to prepare breakfast for everyone.
My mom is used to having her green Lipton tea every morning, so I grabbed the teabag and put it in a mug. Something caught my attention at that exact moment.
What I could see on the teabag label was an enormous Facebook logo, and no Lipton logo at all or almost none… (the Lipton logo is actually on the other side).…

virtual reality will add value to real life

Spielberg’s next big movie project is designed specifically for virtual reality.
The announcement was made this month, and we will see more and more of these announcements in the coming months and years.
In fact, Spielberg is not the first filmmaker to do this.  The porn industry (as always) was the first to experiment on this front, and has created some fascinating experiences.


Virtual reality has probably been the most talked about subject of 2015.  This should continue to be the case in 2016, with increasingly realistic projects being launched.…

THE 5 essential points for improving the customer experience

This article was first published in french on the European adobe blog.
Often, when talking of digital transformation, we’re really talking about a change in mindset, meaning focusing on the consumer.
This may sound easy, but improving the customer experience is a real issue, particularly for brands that see the consumer as an expense rather than an asset, which is still often the case.
Econsultancy, in association with Adobe, published a study conducted with 2250 experienced marketing professionals, addressing the challenge the customer experience represents for companies. …

2 great case studies for Brand Communities: Nike and adidas

In 2009 when Facebook created brand pages, it was very smart to  adopt the terms “fans” and “community”. These little 2 words partly explain the huge boom of the “brand’s Facebook page”. The social media had found the 2 words that marketers wanted to see…  In a nutshell, marketing for marketers.

The result was a race for fans, and marketers who began to talk seriously about their fans and their communities…
It’s key to understand that for many brands who do not control their distribution channels (and are therefore in B2B2C), Facebook pages represented a unique opportunity (along with CRM) to connect with the end customer.  …

How #Digitalwashing is hurting the industry

Have you ever experienced going to a meeting where a C executive tells you that they’ve been investing a good amount of time and money and hired the best people, but that digital still isn’t effective?
Or where you see these companies that measure how “digitalized” they are by how much of their budget they invest on digital?
It happens to me all the time…and I guess you know exactly what I’m talking about.

If you take a step back, you’ll find out that what usually has taken place, is that a CEO suddenly considers the company to be lagging behind and asks its team to go heavily into digital.…

The Future Of The Luxury Shopping Experience

This post was originally published on CMO.com

It is always very interesting to discuss about the future of retail, especially in the luxury industry.
I’ve come across 2 types of people:
– People who view Digital and Tradition as being in opposition, and therefore reject Digital
– People who are afraid of being late and who invest everywhere to make sure they are digital. They usually start with very expensive gigantic screens that are of no use to the end consumer.


Whenever digital transformation is involved, it is very important to go back to the basics.…

Must read presentations to show to your CMO for 2014

If marketers know very well how to use most social networks starting with Youtube and Instagram, they are still forgetting about Slideshare most of the time.
I have to admit it is less straight forward for a marketer to play around with a powerpoint presentation…
Slideshare is a B2B tool but there are many ways to be creative within a presentation and Slideshare rank very well on Google.
Since Linkedin acquired them, there are also ways to share presentation on this social networks which is definitely on the rise.…

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