The Internet isn’t the biggest threat to brands…

I am exposed to many brands and companies, in various contexts (consulting, training, panel discussions on x or y).

I also see many markets be “upset” by the arrival of start-ups or bigger internet groups (who have often bought out the start-ups).

 This is the case in :

  • Music
  • Media (oh, how they laughed in 2006 when Google bought Youtube for $1.6Bn after 18 months of existence and virtually no revenues)
  • Research and studies
  • Banking, very soon
  • Hotels

Obviously, it’s not that simple and much easier to write about a posteriori, but in reality, the market doesn’t change at the clap of a hand. …

CRM and Big Data : we’re mass producing it, but what for?

I have often had the opportunity to write on the topic of customer relations.

I truly believe that customer relations brings up several complicated issues :

  • Cultural : in France, the customer is wrong by default.
  • Point of view : customer relations are viewed as an expense rather than an asset.
  • Strategy : the main purpose of customer relations is to sell or upsell – in other words, to generate turnover.

If the truth be told, I don’t see anything changing anytime soon.

I used to work in the customer relations team for Noos TV Cable in 2002/2003 and sadly, the script was always the same.…

Is influence for real ?

I hadn’t written on the subject of Influence in a while.

Not surprising.  It’s a touchy subject.

Pierre-Philippe Cormeraie, better known as PPC and famous for his videos, put together a presentation and asked me what I thought of it.  An answer in 140 characters or less is tough, so I will reply with an article.

Obviously, I am in complete agreement with several points.  But not all of them and therefore, I would like to share my vision.

Influencers, digital influence: the challenges and stakes communicators face by @ppc, from Pierre-Philippe Cormeraie.…

The future of customer relations digital platforms #leweb

If you attended Leweb, you may have noticed that I had the honor of running a round table discussion on the best platforms for managing your social internet presence: Exact Target, Wildlife and Hearsay.

It is true that businesses invest more and more on the social internet, which seems to become more fragmented with each passing day.  This is why these tools are important to use at some point.

In France, we’re not yet in the habit of using this economic and practical sort of platform.…

Your brand doesn’t need a mobile application

Being mobile is on the tip of every company head’s tongue, and more specifically every marketer.  All this noise is creating anxiety, if not sheer panic.

Panic of missing the boat, even though we all know that mobile use continues to evolve all the time…

Panic is unfortunately rarely the source of brilliant ideas, and many brands are rushing to create their own branded apps…

App designers must be thrilled, even if the same probably can’t be said for the people at Apple and Android who have to validate these creations.…

The « Travolta Effect » : Microsoft, Yahoo!, Blackberry & Google Plus

The “Travolta Effect” doesn’t have a precise definition.  I decided to use this actor’s experience to illustrate brands’ ability to make a comeback on the market, even when they were thought to be quite dead.  In the digital world, things move very fast and we have a tendency to arrive at hasty conclusions.

Certain left-for-dead are able to resurrect.  Is this a swan song or a true revolution ?  Let’s take a look.

In this accelerated world of digital, brands are quickly buried or raved about. …

Abercrombie & Fitch: losing control of one’s brand

I think that what happened with A&B last week is interesting in terms of company strategy and brand positioning (all things being relative, as we already know).

We’ve already seen:

  1. Brands that use UGC (User Generated Content).
  2. Individuals that rebel against logo changes.
  3. Various associations (spearheaded by GreenPeace) that challenge the policies of many companies.
  4. Calls to boycott for x-y-or-z reasons.

However, a single individual, external to the brand, who succeeds in interfering with brand positioning and in generating significant negative public opinion, is relatively new indeed.…

Is it time for an anonymity movement to challenge Facebook?

I’m a social media guy.  I’ve been blogging for six years and have been on Facebook since its beginning in France.  I’m very familiar with how Facebook has evolved. So, I guess you could say I “get it,” but to be honest, even to somebody like me, Facebook has become too complicated, and even frightening.

I’ve found myself thinking that even the most die-hard users must also find Facebook’s changes — while esthetically appealing — incredibly confusing.

Following your Facebook feed can become a part-time job!…