The secret behind brand communities

When Facebook launched its pages dedicated to brands, it used the perfect words: “brand community” and “fans”.
Probably THE best in class B2B marketing move: tell people what they want to hear and they’ll follow you.
Most marketers never really thought they could have a “brand community” or “fans” but if Facebook give you the tools to connect with them, it must be possible…
Well it wasn’t.
To put it in very simple terms, if you don’t have friends and I give you an iPhone, you still don’t have friends.…

10 proven ways to stand out of the crowd in a content snacking era

Have you ever wondered one of the following:

–       With adblockers everywhere, on desktops and now even on iPhone, how can I serve my content to consumers?
–       How can I maintain my interaction rate on social networks?
–       Should I enter the race for content and frenetically publishing stuff?
–       How can I stand out with video on Facebook since it’s muted by default?
–       How does viral marketing work?  What about buzz?
–       What are the differences between Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat? How can I split my content?…