The future of Marketing Platforms for Brands

Back in 2009, I remember explaining that social networks were an amazing way for brands to create long-term relationships and that they were the new marketing platforms.
By marketing platforms, I mean tools that have somehow become compulsory for brands to be active on, or at least to explore, in order to follow consumers’ usage. Six years later, things have changed dramatically.

First, social networks have become mostly advertising platforms with a decreasing organic reach. Next, usage has changed with the arrival of Vine, Snapchat, What’s App and Viber.
Also, social network platforms now have to compete globally. Asia has developed very specific and rich messenger platforms such as Wechat or Line (and Snapchat has been bought by Alibaba).
In the UK messaging apps, coupled with social networking, represented up to 37% of total daily time spent on apps in 2014. Moreover, Japan, Africa, India and China have shown us the way to a mobile-first world where mobile is used for everything including payment.
Desktop will soon be dead (except for in the office and for specific use) and mobile will be first. In fact, both places and tools have changed, which leads us to a new era of marketing platforms.
Looking at this evolution, it is easy to imagine how messenger apps and digital wallets will revolutionise the customer experience and therefore marketing. If you believe that messenger apps are made to only have private conversations, or that digital wallets only enable you to pay, think again!
Don’t get me wrong. Payment has a huge impact on customer knowledge. Until now, we knew that banks were the companies that knew you best, because they can track where you are and what you’ve bought. Now mix this information with your social graph, add relevant services and use this to serve targeted advertising. As no one has yet cracked the advertising business on mobile, it’s easy to understand why GAFA, Microsoft and Paypal are battling it out. This will no doubt have a huge impact on marketers, so you’ve got to be prepared. Now, let’s dive deep and see how the market is changing.

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