10 interesting figures on the Internet in Russia

When we think about Digital, Russia is not the first country to pop into our mind.
Honestly it is also due to the fact that we don’t read so many studies and have proper statistics to better understand how the market is evolving.
However Russia has a lot of potential as the Internet penetration rate is still very low compare to the U.S. (51% Vs 89%) but growing very fast.

So here are some interesting figures on the state of the Internet in Russia so you can catch up: 

  • 51% Internet penetration
  • 55% Mobile penetration
  • 63,5 millions internet users in Russia (+13,5% YTD)
  • 16,4 millions smarphone and 8,2 millions tablet were sold in 2013
  • 9 min 23 use per day (-2,95 YTD)
  • Mobile are used in 21,7% of the internet connection (to be compared to France (4,6%) or Turkey (2.3%).)
  • VKontakte is still the biggest Social Network with 49 millions user when Facebook only have 14 millions users and Twitter 5 millions
  • By 2015, 45% of Russian population should be active, at least, on one social network
  • 44% of mobile internet users are living in small cities
  • Ecommerce represent $16,5 billions in 2013 and is rising fast (+27% YTD 2012)

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The fundamental mistake with Customer Relationship Management

I had a very interesting discussion of the value of the customer relationship, during a recent conference that I gave on the topic.

I have already mentioned here that in French business culture, the customer is seen as a necessary evil, in particular in the B2C space.

Therefore, what we refer to as “the customer relationship” usually revolves around a strategy designed to avoid human contact.  The Interactive Voice Response or IVR is the most glaring example of this.

The truth is that we never really try to satisfy our customers. …