Real-Time Marketing: How brands are trying to take advantage of Ellen’s Selfie

Unless you are not connected on the Internet (which mean you can’t read this post either), you couldn’t miss the tweet from Ellen at the Oscar ceremony yesterday  as it became the most famous Tweet since the creation of twitter (almost 3 millions retweets and 1.5 millions  favorites) .

I will not enter (at least not in this post) the debate of what people focus their attention on but I want to point out that this selfie (the trend everybody talked about in 2013) might be the beginning of the end of the trend.
selfie Ellen Oscar 2014

This picture has been talked about a lot already.
First, because the phone used is a Samsung (sponsor of the evening ), but in reality , beside this picture Ellen tweeted from an iPhone all night long.
However what is really interesting is that brands are trying to take advantage of the phenomenon.


This trend of real-time marketing is growing but also showing its limits.

Thus, several brands have already reacts as Axe :



Or Dunkin Donuts


Or this twitter account criticizing the interests of american people

drunk america

Or the media:

good day alabama ellen selfie Ksdknews ellen selfie

Besides , of course, the inevitable parodies that spread on the web whenever something becomes a little bit viral :

 ellen selfie parody 3 ellen slefie parody 2 ellen selfie parody


Some brands have well understood how real-time marketing is working but we already see some critics coming up here and there but it will be worse for those who respond later and I fear that, as with all trends, we see brands trying to surf a wave that crashed on the beach since decades ….

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