Best viral videos of the last weeks

I’ve been a bit late these last weeks but here are the best videos I found :

Coca Cola asking for silence at the cinema


OndAzul: how to create a campaign on SnapChat?


Flush to Paradise

Apotek: an ad that might blow you away


TED: when technology, creativity & design meet

A weird Japanese ad

The SXSW 14’s killer app

I just came back from my very first SXSW and although this was amazing in many ways it was also very frustrating.

SXSW really resembles Twitter in the sense that during 5 days so many conferences take place at the same time and of course you want to meet people but there are also exhibitions… Well, in the end, you have to accept that you’re going to miss most of it.

I attended many great speeches and they were all very interesting whether is was about UX, Porn, Content, Heathcare and so many other topics…

However what struck me the most while I dove into an ocean of over connected people was that nothing would ever replace a real human connection.…

Real-Time Marketing: How brands are trying to take advantage of Ellen’s Selfie

Unless you are not connected on the Internet (which mean you can’t read this post either), you couldn’t miss the tweet from Ellen at the Oscar ceremony yesterday  as it became the most famous Tweet since the creation of twitter (almost 3 millions retweets and 1.5 millions  favorites) .

I will not enter (at least not in this post) the debate of what people focus their attention on but I want to point out that this selfie (the trend everybody talked about in 2013) might be the beginning of the end of the trend.…