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Kotex explores myths around the vagina

We always see the same brand case studies online.  The brands are always very trendy, like Nike, Adidas or Red Bull.  But there are many incidences of brands trying out new things, in industries that on the surface, seem a lot less sexy.

When you’re a feminine hygiene brand, it’s not always easy to find the right angle to speak out from, or to build the digital part of your brand strategy.

But this happens to be a sector where brands are being especially creative.

We all remember the famous P & G site “Being a Girl”, following teenage girls at the earliest age to convert them as quickly as possible to the group’s products. …

The vicious circle of hyper-visionaries

When a business fails, it’s relatively easy to explain in 3 broad steps what led to this failure and what should have been done.

Of course, if you had been there it probably would have been different… whatever… what a bunch of…

This attitude of intellectual superiority may be pleasant, but it happens to be totally mistaken.

This article opened my eyes.  I plead guilty.  I have to confess that whether through a blog or simply because people ask for your opinion, there’s a tendency to reply without necessarily being familiar with the whole context.…

Why e-commerce pure players are dead ?

I can already imagine you reading this note and linking it to Amazon’s recent decision to stop allowing the combination of free delivery and a 5% discount on books in France.  But that’s not what this is about.

Amazon is indeed a unique among e-retailers, because of its strategy but also because of the funds that have enabled it to hold on for so long despite being in the red at times.

So why this assumption ?

In reality, the idea isn’t a new one because back in 2011, the CEO of Ebay had announced the death of e-commerce. …