What you should know about internet in Russia : facts & figures

Amongst the BRIC countries, Russia is geographically the closest to us.  Yet we know very little about it, and the habits of its consumers are very different from ours.

It’s important to note that the big social network in Russia isn’t Facebook, but V-Kontakte, where you can download movies, music via streaming, porn… This network basically offers just about anything and isn’t regulated like Facebook is.

This presentation will give you all the figures you need to get a sense of this market :

  • The largest population of internet users in Europe with over 58 million active users.
  • A 45% penetration rate, and rapidly rising
  • A concentration of users in the western part of Russia (72%)
  • More time spent on social media than in any other country (almost 50% of all    internet activity, but this is also due to types of available content as mentioned above).
  • 6 million active Facebook users
  • 35 million active V-Kontakte users
  • 18 million active Moy Mir users (a copy of other networks)
  • 5 million Twitter users (only 1/3 are active)
  • 1.5 mobile phones per person in Russia
  • A young male internet demographic (18-25 account for 45% of all connections)
  • 14% of Russians have made at least 1 internet purchase (e-commerce = 2% of retail     in Russia)
  • Moscow and St. Petersburg account for 55% of all Russian e-commerce.
  • An open and politicized internet without any real state control.


For additional information, please look at the following presentation (in french).

gregfromparisAuteur: Grégory Pouy
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