The necessary evolution of agency profiles : revenge of the “nerds”

Through various discussions, lectures and analysis, I have come to realize that the field of advertising has become more and more technical.

Traditionally, the creatives had it all.  Then it was the strategic planners, then the account directors, the project managers, not to mention the hoards of interns of all shapes and sizes…

One profile is regularly forgotten : the “nerds”, otherwise known as the engineers.

Obviously, the term “nerd” has no negative connotation in this context.  It simply describes how these people are sometimes seen, within the “uber-cool” profiles of advertising agencies.

But today’s web-driven reality has turned these “nerds” into central agency figures.

These are the people capable of analysing complex site stats and extracting key insight that leads to winning competitions (and even better, to conceive of winning strategies).  They work hand in hand with brands on the analysis of their data (big data is also for agencies), and they even work in media agencies which have slowly become the playground for ad space traders.

You only have to read this article published on Mashable to understand that certain agencies have already made this move.  Just take a look at how the advertising marketplace is developing, and you’ll understand that the media planner’s job is currently undergoing a complete overhaul.

This quick and powerful evolutionary trend should widen the gap, with certain agencies finding it tough to go with the flow.


gregfromparisAuteur: Grégory Pouy
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