5 cases of very creative use of social media

Today, I have the pleasure of welcoming Florence Martinn on my blog.  Florence gave me an article that I thought would be meaningful to you and I have gladly accepted to share it.

I’ll hand it over to her :

Creativity – the secret in today’s internet world if you want your brand to find its place.

Some companies do this very well, others less.  The key is finding the platforms that are the right fit for a given business and which allow it to represent its identity properly.

Here are some creative initiatives discovered on the web :


The American retail chain Lowe’s Home Improvement, specialized in construction and gardening material, is the ideal brand for demonstrating a brilliant use of Vine.  On this 6-second video-sharing platform, the company shares DIY tips, using the hashtag #lowesfixinsix.

The tips can be as basic as showing how to remove a screw that has been forced and stripped:

In order to get other ideas, Shopify did an article on the original ways that different companies use Vine.


The American book publisher Scholastic has shared an uncommon strategy with its community on its Pinterest page.  Scholastic proves that it’s possible to be original on this platform and distinguishes itself through the names of the boards on its page :

– All Aboard the Magic School Bus (honoring 25 years of the popular series “The Magic School Bus”).

– Lines We Love (a board where employees can post pictures of themselves holding up a piece of paper with a line from their favorite book).

– The Hunger Games (a board on this very popular book series, offering quotes and pictures for fans).

scholastic pinterest case study


LAY’S, the potato chip brand, uses Facebook in order to help develop its new products.

The Facebook contest Lay’s Do Us A Flavor allows the brand to directly reach out to its audience.  In 2013, Lay’s grabbed the attention of over 740,000 consumers.  Ultimately, the 3 most popular flavors were released on the market.


This social campaign seems to have worked well for the brand, because Lay’s renewed the experience this year.  The concept is different this time : only one of the proposed choices will become available in supermarkets !



It will come as no surprise that @nikerunning has a very clever Instagram account. Extending the Nike image, the brand has dazzled its audience ever since the arrival of video on Instagram.  It has skillfully promoted its products in the 15 available seconds, while keeping in line with Nike’s style and visual esthetic.  Let’s just say that most of what the posts are very pleasing to the eye.


Ever-powerful when it comes to advertising, McDonald’s remains faithful to its values and its internationally renowned “branding”.

McDonald’s recent social campaign is a very creative initiative, when viewed within the context of the social internet.  The idea is simple and effective : the company has committed to answer its customers’ question on a special page called “Your Questions”, featured on the official website.  All this content can be shared on the personal social networks of each individual customer.

All the questions and each of the answers provided by McDonald’s can be viewed.  This is an interesting way to pierce McDonald’s secrets and dispel the rumors that have been circulating for many years concerning the fast-food giant.

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