5 cases of very creative use of social media

Today, I have the pleasure of welcoming Florence Martinn on my blog.  Florence gave me an article that I thought would be meaningful to you and I have gladly accepted to share it.

I’ll hand it over to her :

Creativity – the secret in today’s internet world if you want your brand to find its place.

Some companies do this very well, others less.  The key is finding the platforms that are the right fit for a given business and which allow it to represent its identity properly.…

Best viral videos of the week

The story of the creation of the word : Phubbing

Cats are really viral


Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

The Samsung Galaxy Gear

A video clip with 4000 Portraits

When Coca Cola create a park

Why women buy handbags and men buy big cars

Smack in the middle of Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth”, a book on the fundamental difference between the ego and the rational mind,  you’ll find a paragraph that speaks of marketing.  I thought it might be interesting to share it with you.

Even you are perfectly aware of what we do as a profession, I find these sentences to be of particular interest, given that we still can lose ourselves from time to time, both as marketers and as consumers.

The advertising specialists of the world know perfectly well that if they hope to sell things that people don’t really need, they must convince them that these items will add something to the way they see themselves or how others perceive them.

The necessary evolution of agency profiles : revenge of the “nerds”

Through various discussions, lectures and analysis, I have come to realize that the field of advertising has become more and more technical.

Traditionally, the creatives had it all.  Then it was the strategic planners, then the account directors, the project managers, not to mention the hoards of interns of all shapes and sizes…

One profile is regularly forgotten : the “nerds”, otherwise known as the engineers.

Obviously, the term “nerd” has no negative connotation in this context.  It simply describes how these people are sometimes seen, within the “uber-cool” profiles of advertising agencies.…

Best viral videos of the week

Rouge Ecstasy by Armani


The 2 videos on quiting/hiring with dancing



Heineken Pioneer Bar

I forgot to share this one Go Pro/Fireman/kitten

Mercedes body control

The best Vine of september

What you should know about internet in Russia : facts & figures

Amongst the BRIC countries, Russia is geographically the closest to us.  Yet we know very little about it, and the habits of its consumers are very different from ours.

It’s important to note that the big social network in Russia isn’t Facebook, but V-Kontakte, where you can download movies, music via streaming, porn… This network basically offers just about anything and isn’t regulated like Facebook is.

This presentation will give you all the figures you need to get a sense of this market :

  • The largest population of internet users in Europe with over 58 million active users.