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By the way, what is digital?

That’s a tough one….and you would never imagine how many professionals have asked this question.  Because at the end of the day, they feel lost.

I started by writing a blog post but after 4 full pages, I realized it was too much content and I should rather create a new presentation.

It took me over 2 months to write, rewrite it because, as you know, simple is very complicated to create.

I had the chance to work with a very talented person for the drawing and you can check out her work here.…

Europe : Evolving consumer usage patterns in the telecom sector (McKinsey study)

You may say that this study focuses specifically on the telecom sector and therefore doesn’t really concern you (unless you work in that industry).

But in truth, consumer habits in this sector indicate how things will evolve for many other areas of activity.

At a time when mobile operator revenues are in freefall despite healthy sales (if you follow the news, you can’t possibly have missed this), this study may identify new margins of opportunity, which in fact it does.

In the telecom sector, it seems pretty logical that sales via digital platforms should be quickly increasing (+33% per year for the past 5 years) and will soon account for 30 to 40% of the market, according to McKinsey.…

Why nobody is saying this operation from Alexander Wang is awful?

This might sound like a joke, but it isn’t.

This video, released this summer, looks like it could have been commissioned for a sociological study on behaviour in the consumerist world.  But it’s actually a communications campaign carried out by the luxury brand Alexander Wang.

Although this brand isn’t very well-known in Europe, it’s very popular in the United States.

In fact, according to Kanye West in his song “New Slaves”, “Used to only be niggas now everybody playing / Spending everything on Alexander Wang”

In a nutshell, the brand decided to invite its regular customers in the New York area to a free-for-all in a clothes-filled warehouse, and film everyone’s reactions.…

The only trend to watch out for in 2013

There are a thousand possible trends that fit this bill: big data, mobile apps, connected objects, social CRM, social media, 3D printing, Facebook Home…

I am writing this post because I was asked this very question in a recent interview and I thought I’d expand on my reply.

And my answer is: change your point of view.

Today’s technology goes a long way on many levels, but only if it is used properly.

Big data & CRM

Today’s machines are capable of analyzing on their own who they are dealing with (age, weight, sex, corpulence).   …

The Internet isn’t the biggest threat to brands…

I am exposed to many brands and companies, in various contexts (consulting, training, panel discussions on x or y).

I also see many markets be “upset” by the arrival of start-ups or bigger internet groups (who have often bought out the start-ups).

 This is the case in :

  • Music
  • Media (oh, how they laughed in 2006 when Google bought Youtube for $1.6Bn after 18 months of existence and virtually no revenues)
  • Research and studies
  • Banking, very soon
  • Hotels

Obviously, it’s not that simple and much easier to write about a posteriori, but in reality, the market doesn’t change at the clap of a hand. …