Your brand doesn’t need a mobile application

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Being mobile is on the tip of every company head’s tongue, and more specifically every marketer.  All this noise is creating anxiety, if not sheer panic.

Panic of missing the boat, even though we all know that mobile use continues to evolve all the time…

Panic is unfortunately rarely the source of brilliant ideas, and many brands are rushing to create their own branded apps…

App designers must be thrilled, even if the same probably can’t be said for the people at Apple and Android who have to validate these creations.

As always, the one question to ask is a relatively simple one :

What does it do for the consumer ?

This simple question (if you answer honestly) should eliminate 90% of all branded applications.

You only have to look at your own use to realize that we use very few apps regularly, and that only the very useful ones even get opened a second time.  As early as 2009, there were articles warning that few applications were actually ever used.

So why spend tens of thousands of euros on an app that no one will use ?

So you can mention in executive committee meetings and important dinners that you too have developed a mobile app ?

Generally speaking, mobile is a key element in brand strategy.  But this doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to develop your own app, let alone make it a branded one.

Having a website that is optimized for mobile access is a necessity.

One option is to form a partnership with an app that can already claim many users and see how your brand can contribute to the benefit of these users.  This is a win-win deal, so to speak.

gregfromparisAuteur: Grégory Pouy
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