The future of customer relations digital platforms #leweb

If you attended Leweb, you may have noticed that I had the honor of running a round table discussion on the best platforms for managing your social internet presence: Exact Target, Wildlife and Hearsay.

It is true that businesses invest more and more on the social internet, which seems to become more fragmented with each passing day.  This is why these tools are important to use at some point.

In France, we’re not yet in the habit of using this economic and practical sort of platform.

We often hear talk of eliminating the expressions “online” and “offline”, but one has to admit that the tools are still quite segmented.

When will we see one single tool that allows us to manage the whole of our relationship with the consumer ?

Strategic mergers that move in this direction are taking place : the acquisition of Wildfire by Google, of Virtue by Oracle, of Buddy Media by Sales Force…

I recommend that you look at this panel discussion, if this subject is of interest to you:

I am adding the timing of the answers so that you can easily move to a particular answer.

  1. Present your platform (2’08)
  2. How can management platforms help brands create commitment ? (6’00)
  3. How does one handle the never-ending changes to certain platforms (Facebook, Twitter…)? (8’00)
  4. What are the essential skills needed when choosing to work with a management platform? (12’50)
  5. What metrics should you be following ? What about ROI ? Definitely the longest answers (17’34)
  6. With all of these mergers, how do you see the market evolving ? As a single tool or a specialised tool ? (30’00)
  7. How will you integrate mobile into your strategy ? (35’30)
  8. Key takeaways from the session (40’37)


I hope you will enjoy it and most importantly, that you will learn something new.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Cédric, Loic and Géraldine for their trust.

gregfromparisAuteur: Grégory Pouy
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