Corporate communication, changing a brand’s name – the PPR/Kering case

Brand name changes are always complicated situations, involving important risks, unclear benefits and elevated costs.

A very tense moment indeed.

I had the opportunity to converse with Louise Beveridge, Corporate Communications Director of this group, to try to better understand this change, which is of considerable importance to this conglomerate that we don’t know all that well.

The stated objective : to rehumanize the group and give it meaning.

 PPR/Kering’s ID card  :

PPR originally stood for “Pinault Printemps La Redoute”.

Of these 3 words, today only Pinault remains, althought his son now runs the group.…

Best viral videos of the week

A very smart print ad for Brasil

A like Machine for Pepsi – Buying fan a new way

We didn’t start the viral – great compilation

The very first interacial family in an ad

A violent advertising against driving and drinking

In Slideshare’s Top 5 for Education

I know Slideshare is not Youtube and way less sexier but well that what I do and I have to say that I’m very proud to appear in this infography as one of the top 5 for education as I’m working hard on my slide and making sure people will look at them.

Therefore, I invite you to on my profile where you’ll be able to find many of my presentation and hopefully like some of them.


Last presentation is about the marketing at the digital edge and I hope, you’ll enjoy it: 



My sunday music mood: Rodriguez

This week, I’ve launched my new blog (after 8 years being with Typepad I’ve moved to WordPress).

It’s caused me some stress since I’ve been working hard on it but I’m very happy that people seems to enjoy it.

However, I will consider the comments that have been made and this should evolve very fast hopefully.

The english content should arrive very soon also and I will finally published post that I’ve kept by my side for such a long time.

On the music side, I watched yesterday this Oscar Winning documentary called “Searching for Sugar Man” and discover the story of this man.…