Best viral videos of the week

The coca Cola sharing can


So clever operation from Scrabble


Coca Cola bringing India & Pakistan together


Craziest ad for sushi live from Japan:


Us your eyes to win a Samsung S4


Such a clever idea to prevent people driving drunk


Another very cool idea for preventing people to drink and drive

The Best Digital Campaigns of 2012

This was a great year for innovative and groundbreaking campaigns,  we’ve seen more and more 360° campaigns (like from American Express) which are not purely online or offline but really use the whole range of communication tools. This year, we’ve also seen brands such like Nike focusing on their brand’s promise instead of just their products, delivering an amazing product like the fuelband.

This presentation is also an invitation to take a quick trip around the world, as there are campaigns from Thailand, Russia, Brazil, Sweden, Belgium, France, Australia, UK, Germany, Canada and the U.S.…

7 social media lies the gurus want you to swallow

Every time a new marketing “technique” appears, it’s seems like the next revolution. Everything is suddenly going to be easier, faster and cheaper, right? Social media is unfortunately no exception to the rule and there will always be people (often those who claim to be experts or “gurus”) to sell you the newest bells and whistles.

It seems important to me to describe some of the lies that you may confront.

1. The social web is free 

Starting around 2006, viral marketing was announced as the end-all be-all to getting a low cost audience.…

Is it time for an anonymity movement to challenge Facebook?

I’m a social media guy.  I’ve been blogging for six years and have been on Facebook since its beginning in France.  I’m very familiar with how Facebook has evolved. So, I guess you could say I “get it,” but to be honest, even to somebody like me, Facebook has become too complicated, and even frightening.

I’ve found myself thinking that even the most die-hard users must also find Facebook’s changes — while esthetically appealing — incredibly confusing.

Following your Facebook feed can become a part-time job!…