How to create influence on Facebook? by 34 american digital specialists and me

I never wrote in english here but that's my blog, I can do whatever I want and that's the good thing about a blog (I apologize for the non english readers).

If there is one question that brands, agencies and some communty managers always wonder is "How to create influence on Facebook?"

Therefore, Mark decided to ask 35 of his specialists connection and I proudly represent Europe as I'm the only non american in this blog post.

Answers are very interesting and even though he segments them into different categories, you will understand fast enough that we all agree on one thing : it's all about people and utility not about you or your brand.

There are some very good advice that I invite you to read.

Here is mine : 

 “Focus on one subject/community that is relevant to your company and to create and give useful content for these people, respecting their own code, meeting them in the real life as often as possible and to take time, not expecting a short term financial ROI.”

 Some others:

LEO WIDRICH, Co-Founder, Buffer: “There is one key thing we have seen from our data analyzing 1 million Facebook updates: Whenever the frequency of daily postings goes over 5 posts per day, the reach and engagement drops significantly. The best results were achieved with 2 daily updates, one being around 11am for the most important timezone your fans are in and another posting being at 5pm.”

JASON FALLS, CEO, Social Media Explorer: “Be consistently useful. Isn’t that the key to influence anywhere?”

MARISSA PEACOCK, Chief Strategist, The Strategic Peacock: “In order to create power and influence on Facebook, it’s essential to provide fans with an experience that they can’t get from any other company touchpoint — not from your website, or Twitter, or Pinterest. A successful FB page creates a value-added bonus that gives fans a reason to stay connected and engaged. ”

To read all the others, you can go on the original blog post here!