A strategic vision of Social Media

Many things are written everyday on the social web and how brands can embrace it.
I wrote this post a few months ago and as it was successful in it’s french version, I decided that I should do a presentation out of it.
Because I love what I do, I refuse to tell stupidities to my clients.
Unfortunately, many are wasting those conversations tools as they are trying to apply the old methods.
Therefore, I decided to launch this presentation to help marketers better understand how they can use those tools.…


What most luxury brands didn’t understand about digital

Back in 2007, as I was the General Manager of BuzzParadise, we handled the very first operation involving bloggers for one of the most iconic global luxury brands.

At that time, it was really modern for a luxury brand to integrate bloggers into a strategic marketing plan or even to simply create a presence on social networks.

Brands were struggling with the fact that they could ruin their mystique, they were concerned that to stay inspirational they needed to remain out of the conversation. Ultimately the issue on everyone’s lips was ‘control’ and still to this day to a certain extent this is ‘the big issue’ when it comes social media.…

Digital transformation

6 steps to embrace the digital transformation

It is very interesting to work with different brands and discuss with them how they embrace digital within their strategy.
Digital is creating a tsunami in most organizations and most of them still don’t exactly know how to handle it.
For years, we’ve been talking about “social media strategy” and then “digital strategy,” but as the markets are becoming more mature, we now talk about “digital transformation”.
From a silo, where digital was left as a standalone activity, it has become a transformation tool. This is not only rhetoric, but also a deep change of the perception of digital.…


A guide to innovating in a digital world

Innovating in a digital world is the subject I’ve covered at the EMEA Adobe Summit last month and I wanted to share it with you today.

Innovation is a broad subject and many people are talking about it.

Most of all, innovation is not about technology but about personal qualities that you have to develop in order to be more creative.

I tried to cover this in a very short speech with some slides that I’m sharing today with you.

Each time there is a (hopefully) relevant example that helps to understand what I really mean.…

Lately best viral campaigns

Lately best viral campaigns

I touch Myself – Australia

Beats – The game before the Game

We Believe – Australian Paralympic Committee

Rip Curl Search GPS

TetraPak going Augmented Reality

The Life saving Cable Project – Azebaijan

Obi Renovated Billboard

Call for dad – Dove

GMIC 2014

Payment, Reach, Experience: the Rocketing Journey through Mobile Business in China

We all know that China is VERY important in our business life, however and for a reason that I hardly understand, we tend to focus only on what is happening in the U.S. or in Europe and are considering China as very far.
This is a huge mistake especially when it comes to digital and moreover to mobile as the future worldwide champions will be (already are) asian for sure.
Laure de Carayon who is a wellknown specialist of China and who is organizing an amazing conference on China every year is kindly sharing with us what she has learned from the GMIC 2014 (China Connect was a supporting partner of GMIC 2014).…