That’s it. I’m done! In the presentation of my services on my LinkedIn profile, I’ve stopped claiming that I accompany brands during their “digital” transformation. This is a mistake and I’m about to explain why.
There is a deep misunderstanding between consumers and brands.
The term “digital transformation” is not neutral in this situation. It can be dangerous because it naturally leads to poor strategic choices. I had the opportunity to talk about this very topic this week.In reality, what we’re dealing with is more like a new societal paradigm.…

How we think the customer experience must change

Whether you work in products or services, in B2B or B2C, McKinsey is formal; almost all exceptional business successes are based on the customer experience. Therefore, the customer experience is considered a strategic factor for virtually all companies.

In theory, because in practice things are quite different.

Customer service is dedicated to resolving the company’s problems, not the customer’s.

Few 20th-century companies are customer-centric.  Employees are focused on their careers, thus on their bosses, internal politics, and products… The customer is way back at the end of the line.…

Which luxury brands inspire the Gen Z the most?

Maybe you’re thinking… “We don’t care. Those Gen Zs, most of them don’t have enough cash to buy luxury goods anyway!”
Well, think again…
Actually, we care a lot about what is inspiring the Gen Zs, for different reasons.
One reason is that some can afford luxury and would be ready to spare money to just to own a single piece.
Another is that luxury is all about inspiration. When the Gen Z grow older, it will become the luxury brands’ regular clients.


What is luxury in 2016?

Is Facebook a new form of slavery for brands?

I’m an early riser , and since I was the first to awake when visiting my family, I decided to prepare breakfast for everyone.
My mom is used to having her green Lipton tea every morning, so I grabbed the teabag and put it in a mug. Something caught my attention at that exact moment.
What I could see on the teabag label was an enormous Facebook logo, and no Lipton logo at all or almost none… (the Lipton logo is actually on the other side).…

virtual reality will add value to real life

Spielberg’s next big movie project is designed specifically for virtual reality.
The announcement was made this month, and we will see more and more of these announcements in the coming months and years.
In fact, Spielberg is not the first filmmaker to do this.  The porn industry (as always) was the first to experiment on this front, and has created some fascinating experiences.


Virtual reality has probably been the most talked about subject of 2015.  This should continue to be the case in 2016, with increasingly realistic projects being launched.…

Brands & the collaborative economy: the 25+ best case studies

Brands and the collaborative economy: the 25+ best case studies

2015 was largely focused on Uber, BlablaCar or Airbnb.
The connection between those companies is that they are all structured around on the collaborative economy whiche economy, which means that they enable people to collaborate together and make money out of it.
The iInternet’s history has always revolved around been to helping people to collaborate more and more.   bBut up until recently, it had been so far it was impossible to earn money by proposing services and bypassing big corporations.…

What your brand is doing is not strategic

One of the problems with digital is that it’s moving quickly in many directions. Most marketers are lost and don’t really know which direction they should go in.
Should we invest in social or search or bloggers? Should we focus more on Instagram, Snapchat, or maybe we should go into breakthrough technologies like immersive 3D…  But then, what’s about the collaborative economy….
Well, you probably know what I’m talking about… It’s always the same questions, over and over again.

1. When you’re lost, go back to basics

I’m a big believer in going back to basics when you’re lost, and using that as a choice decision funnel.…

THE 5 essential points for improving the customer experience

This article was first published in french on the European adobe blog.
Often, when talking of digital transformation, we’re really talking about a change in mindset, meaning focusing on the consumer.
This may sound easy, but improving the customer experience is a real issue, particularly for brands that see the consumer as an expense rather than an asset, which is still often the case.
Econsultancy, in association with Adobe, published a study conducted with 2250 experienced marketing professionals, addressing the challenge the customer experience represents for companies. …

The secret behind brand communities

When Facebook launched its pages dedicated to brands, it used the perfect words: “brand community” and “fans”.
Probably THE best in class B2B marketing move: tell people what they want to hear and they’ll follow you.
Most marketers never really thought they could have a “brand community” or “fans” but if Facebook give you the tools to connect with them, it must be possible…
Well it wasn’t.
To put it in very simple terms, if you don’t have friends and I give you an iPhone, you still don’t have friends.…

10 proven ways to stand out of the crowd in a content snacking era

Have you ever wondered one of the following:

–       With adblockers everywhere, on desktops and now even on iPhone, how can I serve my content to consumers?
–       How can I maintain my interaction rate on social networks?
–       Should I enter the race for content and frenetically publishing stuff?
–       How can I stand out with video on Facebook since it’s muted by default?
–       How does viral marketing work?  What about buzz?
–       What are the differences between Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat? How can I split my content?…